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The following web products are relatively new to the web world. 
They may become more dominant over time




WHAT: Cloud computing is not computing in clouds!

Cloud Computing is a concept, more than a new web product.  However it is a concept that has definitely arrived.

What cloud computing involves is users storing their information on the web (in the cloud as it were), instead  to their local computer.

Such information includes data and applications, along with their preferences (or settings).

WHY: Cloud Computing allows users to have access to their information from various points.

Whether it is from their home computer, then work computer or a friends computer.  This may be achieved without having to carry on computer/laptop around with all the time.

The cloud can also be accessed via smartphones and other portable devices that can connect to the internet.

HOW: There are many service providers available, however users need to be careful who they select.

The most important items to consider are privacy, and reliability.

Make sure you select a provider who will treat your data confidentially and uses data encryption.

Also users need to select a company that they believe will be around for a long time, else risk losing their information.

HISTORY: Storing information of the internet is not necessarily new, however the manner with which it encompasses cloud computing is different.

Cloud computing is generally more orientated towards mobility (i.e:: allowing access to people on the go from different points).

It is also growing in popularity over recent years.

FUTURE: The future of cloud computing as a new web product largely undetermined at this stage.

There are those how say it has a future as people like to be more mobile and access their information from wherever they are.

Then there are those who believe privacy is too big an issues and don't necessarily trust the providers.

Cloud computing is probably not yet at a stage where it can replace all your local computers function, but this would depend on the individuals needs.



WHAT: The Apple iPad is a 'tablet' style computer, or TabletPC.  This means it is like a screen about the size of a laptop screen, without a separate keyboard.

The main user interface is via this touch screen.

As a type of new web product, one of the abilities of the iPad is to access the web via wireless.

WHY: We believe that the main benefit of a tablet computer such as the iPad is portability.

The iPad allows users to access the internet on the go, while roaming.

Much like a smartphone in this respect, but with a much larger screen.

The iPad also has other major functions but we are looking at it from the perspective of a web product.

HISTORY: There have been other attempts to produce a tablet style computer, and there have been eBook readers that look largely like a tablet computer.

The iPad is being produced by Apple who are renowned for the largely successful iPod, Macintosh computers and more recently the iPhone.

FUTURE: Given that portability seems to becoming more of a requirement for modern users, we believe the iPad has a place in the future. 

The initial iPad model starts at a relatively low price of $US499.

Apple expects to release more products in this range later in 2010.

Given that the iPad is more than just a wireless web platform, we believe that the many functions make the iPad quite attractive.

However one of the drawbacks of the current model is that it can only run one application at a time.  Some however may not see this as a problem and we expect the iPad to have a reasonably high take-up.

Later models will also feature 3G capabilities.

We look forward to future announcements by Apple on the iPad product.


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Last updated: June 27, 2010
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