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The following Products may be useful to specific areas of Next Web World.
Over time more products can be added to advance on the basic products.




There are many online services available these days.

Such services / products  include FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter which allow for Social Networking between users

In addition to these there are many other Social Networking sites available, including some exclusive sites.

Video sharing sites include the highly popular YouTube as well as DailyMotion, MetaCafe, MyVideo, Tudou, BlipTV, Veoh and YahooVideo.

Flickr is also a popular image sharing site amongst others available.

There are also various image sharing sites such as Flickr and sites for accessing images such as Getty Images.

One service that has stood the test of time, although the dominant providers may have changed over the years, are Search Engines.

Search engines 'crawl' pages on the web and allow for users to enter search phrases which return pages that match.

Such products/services are operated by the leading provider Google as well as Yahoo and the emerging Bing (by Microsoft).


It's interesting to note that an increasing number of users seem to be using mobile phones to access their EMail.

This is probably due to the increase in the acceptance of smart phones (such as the iPhone) and the idea that people like to be more portable.

EMail Products: There are many EMail products available with the most common used on client computers being Outlook.

Other webmail (where EMail is stored and accessed mainly via a web browser) products such as HotMail, YahooMail and GMail are also very popular methods for sending and receiving EMail.

How it works: Electronic Mail allows users to communicate by sending mail items electronically.  Obviously such items are electronic, but this doesn't mean that users can just send typed messages.  Images, including scanned copies of paper items, and a variety of other items can also be sent, including pictures and video.

The additional items (such as videos) however need not be sent directly as these can be quite large in size.  An alternative to this is to upload such items to the internet (e.g: video to a video sharing site such as YouTube), and EMail a link (reference) to the video.  Such items can be uploaded as private if you don't want to share with everyone.


Web browsing may seem the same today, but it has changed over the years.  Browsers have recently allowed to "AddOns" that can further enhance their functionality.

Major Browsers have also increased their security capabilities as new threats emerge.

Web Browsing Products: The most commonly used web browser is Internet Explorer. IE is available from Microsoft and is generally part of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Other more common browsers are FireFox, and in recent years Google has released Chrome which is growing in usage.

Safari is another web browser by Apple and is available for both the Mac and the PC platforms.

How they work: The web browser is the main method to access the internet.

Once a computer platform (such as a PC) and a connection is established (such as via a modem to an ISP (Internet Service Provider)), access to web sites is generally via browsers.

The browsers access pages on a website, from which files are downloaded to your local computer.

These files are then read and displayed, as per the contents/instructions within the file, via the web browser in a format that is readable to users.


New Web Products

Last updated: June 29, 2010
These Web Products may be updated over time so please visit again as Web Products may be added, updated or removed/replaced.
This Information is provided for your consideration and we accept no responsibility for it's accuracy and timeliness nor appropriateness for your circumstances.

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