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Guidelines for Partnerships.


We generally welcome relevant partnership proposals at and will consider each case on it's merits.  We prefer partners who have relevant topics to Next Web World. If you wish to be considered for a partnership, then you may send the proposal/ideas via our contact page.  Please include the nature of the proposal, website/page address/url, the relevance of your proposal to this site, and importantly the benefits to our users and your contact information.

TOPICS/ARTICLES/PRODUCTS: Should you have a suggestion for a topic or subject, or maybe wish us to review a certain product that you feel could benefit our visitors to the site, or even review your site, then contact us via our contact page.

You should include details such as topic/product, how you feel it is relevant, your contact details and other relevant information.

JOINT VENTURES (JV): Joint Ventures can be considered and once again relevance is the key to any partnership proposal.  Please consider this with your proposal and again, use the Contact page to provide your details.

In your proposal, we need information on the idea and more importantly how it would benefit our visitors.  Please also include and information about your experience including relevance to the theme of the site.

RELATED/REFERENCE/LINKS IN:  Your site(s) can refer/link to this site from appropriate relevant pages.  This may be done without the need for our express permission, however relevance is the key.  Websites can link to the home page, or to another relevant page as required. In creating your link, the text that is generally best to use is the Page Title of the respective page as it is generally the best indicator of the page's content.

An example reference would be:
Next Web World to and information about the website would include something like:

What's next on the web at Next Web World. The Next Web World site is dedicated to information on new and current trends on the world wide web, as well as some 'memory lane' genres. We aim to keep abreast of the more significant developments as they emerge and occur within the web community and technology in general.

Important Note: We respectfully reserve the right to request that any reference/link be removed should it be deemed unsuitable, at our sole discretion.


RELATED/REFERENCE/LINKS OUT:  We may consider requests for relevant reference/link from.  We may link to pages as deemed relevant to the site and the content of the page.  You may send your proposal via our contact page.  Please include such information as your website/page address, your contact information and the nature of the request such as name of reference/link, URL along with a brief description.

Important Note: Again relevance is the key in any Partnership consideration and the suitability and benefit to users needs to be considered. Absolutely NO "Spamming" type links. We always reserve the right to remove/change a reference/link should it be deemed unsuitable at our sole discretion.

OTHER PARTNERSHIP: If you another type of partnership that your would like to suggest then please detail your proposal with your idea, indicate how it would benefit our visitors/users, and information about you and the relevance via the contact page on this website.

Further information may be found in our Terms And Conditions Of Use.

 This Information is provided for your consideration and we accept no responsibility for it's accuracy and timeliness nor appropriateness for your circumstances.
 Last updated: January 29, 2010
This Partners may be updated over time so please visit again.
If you have a suggestion then please use our contact page. 

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