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What's Next On The Web at Next Web World!


Could Computing: Some of the relatively new web trends include cloud computing.  Cloud computing allows users to store their data and their applications on internet services (servers) that users can access from different computers by simply accessing the sites hosting their information.

New Web Trends Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has existed in a small form over the years (e.g: webmail, online backup) but seems to be growing more in acceptance.

Some of the hurdles seem to be privacy issues, which are of particular concern these days, and the fear that a provider may disappear at short notice.

Hence users should pick a trusted source to keep their information and which is likely to be around for the long haul.

iPad: A recent announcement by Apple is the iPad TabletPC device.

The iPad may be viewed as laptop without a physical keyboard.  The current model starts at a seemingly low price of $US499, with WiFi and 3G models to follow later in 2010. 


Social Networking: The most prolific trend in recent years has been in the large growth of social networking, primarily through social media sites such as FaceBook and MySpace.

In the last 12 months, Twitter has grown at an incredible rate.  Some thought Twitter a fad, but Twitter just keeps growing, and the short message nature of twitter lends itself to mobile phones.

Video Sharing Phones:  The popularity of video sharing sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and more has also risen dramatically is the last few years.

Smart Phones: In recent years the take up of smart phones has also increased greatly, probably driven to a large extent by the iPhone and better technology.

As users like to keep up to date on the go, the smart phone offers the opportunity to do this without having lug around a larger laptop.

The wireless WiFi nature of access to the internet has also allowed users to keep up to date from many and varied places,

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About Us:  Over time our aim is to cover information on new web trends, current trends and even some history for  those interested.

From chat rooms to social network 'walls', from news readers to interactive commenting we aim to cover most major developments that have evolved.

This will take time as this site itself evolves, however stay tuned, watch this space as the next new web trend takes hold.

Web Trends:  The world wide web has changed over time, as will this site as new web trends emerge.  It seems like only yesterday to some that the Internet seemingly burst onto the scene and grew almost exponentially during the 1990s.

Whilst the fundamental concept of the world wide web (www) has largely remained the same, technology and usage has evolved and both have complemented one another to produce the internet that we have today. 


 Last updated: June 30, 2010
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