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HP Slate PC to be released later in 2010.

April 14, 2010

HP have indicated that their Slate PC, utilizing Windows 7, should be available later this year.

The HP Slate PC is to be a TabletPC, something HP have had in development for years. The Slate was 'hyped' at the recent CES 2010 at Las Vegas by HP.

The HP Slate PC would operate with Windows 7 and include full web browsing capabilities, including Adobe Flash.

It would allow for audio for music, voice etc and video for your movies and other video clips.

The HP Slate PC would also allow for eBook reading amongst it many other possible features.

Whilst full details aren't formally released, web rumours are rive and the possible further features could include: Multi-Touch panel, 1.6Ghz processor, 1Gig RAM, 32/64Gig flash memory, SD card reader, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, WWAN, GPS, Headphone/Microphone jack, USB, 5+ hour long life battery, WebCam and 3MP camera. 

Please note, not all features necessarily to be available and are yet to be confirmed.

This is certainly an interesting announcement in terms of another exciting product becoming available on the market.

TabletPC's are likely to become more popular as people like to have more portability and flexibility in their access to their applications and the web.

The recent success of the iPad and it's potential flow on effects for the concept of TabletPCs becoming more popular, is further likely to perpetuate to popularity.

HP seems well placed to take advantage of this market.  They are not a new-comer to the TabletPC arena and have had the TabletPC in development over the last few years.

The time seems right for them, and maybe others, to capitalise on the emerging markets.

As more news regarding the SlatePC becomes available, you may follow our news area for further updates or visit the HP site for more information on the HP Slate PC and it's availability,


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Last updated:  April 14, 2010
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