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This World Wide Web Glossary can assist with understanding some common words relating to the World Wide Web.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to storing information, applications and data, on the internet, generally instead of on the user's computer.

The main idea of this is to allow users to move from one computer to another, whilst their information is still accessible from different places.



The system of EMail has been around for a long time.  It's use on the internet is to allow  users to send electronic message to one another.

This Electronic Mail may be accessed by EMail programs on the user's computer, or via WebMail which allows users' to access EMail via their web browsers.



File Transfer Protocol is a technology that allows for the transfer of files around the internet and user computers.

Most users need not be aware of the workings of FTP as it is generally used by technical personnel, updating websites etc.



HyperText Transfer Protocol refers to a method of transferring 'hypertext' documents and is used widely by web browser to access (then display) web pages.

To most users this is transparent, but it helps to define the 'http' portion of a web pages' s address.



An address on the internet to access a document (web page as in the world wide web).



A system of computers connected (networked) across the globe.

The term "Internet" refers to the (hardware) framework of the computers, their connection to each other and the networking that operates on the computers to link them together.



An Internet Service Provider, or Internet Access Provider, provides a service as the first point of contact for a user's computer and then the internet.


Search Engine

A search engine generally provides a service, mainly through web browsers, that helps location information relevant to user requests.

This is generally done through users entering keyword phrases of the type of information they require, and the search engine returning a list of pages relevant to the query.



A server is essentially a computer located on the internet that can store information (e.g: web page documents) and process users requests.

When a request for a website/page is processed, the request id directed to that server to download and display the page.


Social Networking

Social networking typically refers to the interaction of users online (on the internet) for social purposes.  Such purposes include keeping in touch with friends, and the online world in general, sharing information etc.


Tag Cloud

A group of words displayed together to indicate the weighting of words (tags) on a website, page, document or similar.

The more the total number of each word, the higher weighted the word is and this is generally illustrated by the relative size of the word in the cloud.



The concept of Web 2.0 is defined generally within the genre of an interactive web, where users contribute to web site content through comments, submissions etc.

Generally speaking, social networking forms a large part of Web 2.0


Web Browser

The web browser is designed to access and display documents, or web pages, from a website. 

The web page is downloaded to your computer, which the web browser interprets and displays in a human readable format.


World Wide Web

Technically the "World Wide Web" refers to a collection of documents that can be accessed via the Internet.

The 'documents' are mostly web pages, typically as you would see in your web browsers, but may also include other documents within the web itself.


   Web Glossary
Last updated: June 19, 2010
These Web Glossary may be updated over time so please visit again as Web Glossary may be added, updated or removed/replaced.
This Information is provided for your consideration and we accept no responsibility for it's accuracy and timeliness nor appropriateness for your circumstances.

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